Tuesday, August 16, 2011

These Days

Beware folks, Jessica Jang is up to stuff. After a nutzoid July of full time work in addition to 20-30 hours per week in the studio, I've escaped to Europe once again. I spent my first week in London and now I'm in the Czech Republic chillaxin'. I'm still working on a few post-studio activities, working on one more drawing, and making arrangements for my solo exhibition in September, but it's mostly been casual times. Cooking, baking, hiking, picking fruit, hanging out with fun people and walking animals have filled up my days.

I made some finger sized hot dogs before I left Vancouver, as peace offerings.

This is a work in progress. In my packing haze, I made the doofus move of bringing four HB pencils with me. Argh. I'm a 6B/8B kind of kid, so when I finally buckled down to work, this made procrastinating much more desirable.

Turtle walking.


  1. Fantastic! Those little finger hot dogs are awesome... turtle walking is also awesome.. ^__^