Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Studio Life

Studio time- power up! I've got a special project creeping up and my pal, Tara Carmichael, has generously offered her studio to me for this month. Tara's an awesome artist, arts educator, Mom, and an all round, super fun person. Thank you Tara!

I thought I'd attempt to document my process (aka painful struggle) as I get this new series completed by the end of July. The exhibition will be in September, but I'm jetting back to the UK and Czech Republic for the entire month of August, so I gotta hustle.

Here are some pictures of things around me and examples of sketches that will not necessarily make sense to anyone but myself.

Tara's deep sea painting and the resident octopus.


  1. nice jess!!!
    like all the ghosts staring at the blob

  2. Nice interpretation, Sade.