Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sketches of an Invalid

Travis has ruptured a ligament in his hind leg. He won't be able to go for walks at the park or beach for the next few months, which will probably lead to one depressed dog. Poor guy. He's been hopping back and forth around the living room moaning. Watching him makes me so sad. Since he hasn't been moving around too much I thought I'd do a few quick sketches of him resting.


  1. Hope your poor dog recovers.
    Nice sketch...

  2. Thanks Bear Wife. My dog had to undergo surgery for this problem a few weeks ago. He's doing much better, but the recovery time is 3-4 months. Poor guy has limited mobility during this time.

  3. oh no. poor travis. that really stinks. i think i told you about our old dog woody's "canine cart" doggy wheelchair... gave woody another year of life and fun and mobility. hope travis heals up nicely!

    PS lovely drawings as usual.

  4. Yeah, canine cart! Those things kinda crack me up but they make such a difference in allowing your dog enjoy being a dog. Travis is no longer limping. He can now put weight onto his hind leg, but he's a slooow walker.