Monday, September 13, 2010

Vellum Play

I have a habit of hoarding particular things for a prolonged period, just waiting for a special day when that item can be unearthed for a greater purpose. I guess I developed this problem as a kid, stashing away stickers and rocks and stuff. I still have this problem associated with stickers, although I don't keep a sticker album anymore. Nowadays, I'm more inclined to be precious with paper (and other drawing/painting surfaces), cobalt violet, and saffron.

I had a bit of vellum I have kept in my folder for god knows how long. It's traveled with me from Vancouver, throughout Spain, and now in London. I love this stuff.

When the oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico occurred, I found myself in the studio closely following the updates and stories through BBC radio. I made quite a few oily studies on canvas paper prepared with acrylic paint. I got impatient with waiting for the prepared surfaces to dry and decided to treat myself to the small squares of vellum I had stashed. It's magic when oil touches that stuff. I tried transferring this similar imagery to canvas and it didn't have the same feeling or effect at all. If I hadn't blown my money on that gouache set, I would have stocked up on more vellum.

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