Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Market Day!

Hauled my goods across town early Saturday morning to find a lovely tent pitched up in Camberwell Green. This was where I was going to display my goods for the day. As the morning progressed and more vendors arrived, the fuzzy winter vibes began to build up despite the -2˚C conditions we were facing. I like this about community markets. I've been to markets where the crowd was mumbling a "hipper than thou" mantra, which is not my thing. I like seeing all sorts of people sharing and appreciating creativity together. The mixed crowd on Saturday was pretty good.

The Camberwell council enlisted the help of Barny, who has experience organizing some of the more notorious markets around London, such as Spitalfields and Camden Lock, so we were all in good hands. He and his team were awesome. Not only did they provide a great space and professional advice, but they also offered us mulled wine and chocolate during the afternoon. So cool.

Although, there were pretty substantial amounts of people drifting through the market, sales were modest. My designs received the usual quizzical expressions from the crowd (and special attention from bearded persons). Even my earl grey shortbread got the raised eye brow. British people can be so bashful at times, when faced with unusual things. I did get to wrap up a few gifts and include the hand painted tags I prepped especially for the market. My chewy chocolate ginger cookies were received really well though. I managed to sell a few tees, however sales of cookies surpassed my expectations. A sign perhaps? No worries, I won't throw in the art towel for the oven mitts too soon. Love for baking and cooking is strong, but man, art is a necessity!

Etta did pretty well selling her colourful tees, totes, and aprons. The designs have a fun quality to them. Even I traded her a drawing for her accordion house tee a while back.

Our toes needed to be thawed by the end of the day. I even had to take a short break and sit in the Micky D's to warm my body in the deep fried air. My feet were suffering from a sensation likened to that of being stuffed into ice skates for several hours. I left the site with more reverence for outdoor market vendors.

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