Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Market Day!

Hauled my goods across town early Saturday morning to find a lovely tent pitched up in Camberwell Green. This was where I was going to display my goods for the day. As the morning progressed and more vendors arrived, the fuzzy winter vibes began to build up despite the -2˚C conditions we were facing. I like this about community markets. I've been to markets where the crowd was mumbling a "hipper than thou" mantra, which is not my thing. I like seeing all sorts of people sharing and appreciating creativity together. The mixed crowd on Saturday was pretty good.

The Camberwell council enlisted the help of Barny, who has experience organizing some of the more notorious markets around London, such as Spitalfields and Camden Lock, so we were all in good hands. He and his team were awesome. Not only did they provide a great space and professional advice, but they also offered us mulled wine and chocolate during the afternoon. So cool.

Although, there were pretty substantial amounts of people drifting through the market, sales were modest. My designs received the usual quizzical expressions from the crowd (and special attention from bearded persons). Even my earl grey shortbread got the raised eye brow. British people can be so bashful at times, when faced with unusual things. I did get to wrap up a few gifts and include the hand painted tags I prepped especially for the market. My chewy chocolate ginger cookies were received really well though. I managed to sell a few tees, however sales of cookies surpassed my expectations. A sign perhaps? No worries, I won't throw in the art towel for the oven mitts too soon. Love for baking and cooking is strong, but man, art is a necessity!

Etta did pretty well selling her colourful tees, totes, and aprons. The designs have a fun quality to them. Even I traded her a drawing for her accordion house tee a while back.

Our toes needed to be thawed by the end of the day. I even had to take a short break and sit in the Micky D's to warm my body in the deep fried air. My feet were suffering from a sensation likened to that of being stuffed into ice skates for several hours. I left the site with more reverence for outdoor market vendors.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Camberwell Christmas Market

Hey Londoners,
come and visit me at my stall on Camberwell Green this Saturday. I'll be selling tees and totes, cards, some drawings, earl grey shortbread, and chewy chocolate ginger sparkle cookies!

Pictured above is a print of Hair Bawl on a fairtrade, organic cotton tote. This one has sold to a friend in Paris, but there are others in a variety of colours. My talented friend Henrietta will also be selling her awesome silk screened tees.

I'll be offering free gift wrapping for all purchases at my stall along with hand-printed gift tags!

Here's some more info about the market:

It's Christmas Time- There's no need to be afraid

Yes, I know it's been a loooong time. But I have returned from the real world to bring forth some more images! No winter season is complete without making a few holiday greeting cards. My original intent was to print some out during November to add to the Christmas market mayhem, but I wasn't able to meet my ideal deadline and also due to lack of funds. I hope to get some postcards printed in the new year featuring a piece from my Four Strong Winds, Three Floods, and Two White Flags series as well as a ghost painting and maybe a new painting.

Anyway, here's a selection of some of the collage cards I've churned out. Happy Holidays to all and have a warm and fuzzy winter season!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Visit the Homerton Artist Group at our tent in the Fete of the WICKed Saturday, August 1st, between noon to 6pm. Artists with work featured and for sale include:

David Bradley
Tanya Andrew
Jennifer Wolf
Chie Karukami
Lisa Price
Sadie Edginton
Jessica Piddock
Amy Waitt
Alex Anne Walter
Isabel Vince
Penny Tristram
Jessica Jang
Henrietta McPhee

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hey, I'm back!
Lately, I've been learning the tricks and trade of screen printing! This is a pastime enjoyed by artsters and DIYers alike, but for one lazy reason or another, I never had a chance to be properly introduced to it until now! Yes, lots of exclamations, folks!

Next weekend, AUGUST 1st, I will be premiering limited edition organic cotton/ fair trade tees and totes featuring my Hairy series. I've got a partner helping me with the production of these items and we have yet to come up with a name for our tee and tote biz, but I will notify everyone when the right name does arise.

Here I am modeling my first printed shirt! Olfactory Hair Factory is printed with a water based black ink on a men's small, ecru coloured tee. There will be two images available on tees and totes, Olfactory Hair Factory and Hair Bawl. A small quantity of two colour runs will also be made.

The Homerton Artist Group will have a booth at the Hackney Wicked Festival in East London, where we will be selling our wares. The festival will feature lots of contemporary art and live music from July 31st to August 2nd. There will be numerous exhibition spaces around Hackney Wick and some big names taking part (word on the street is Tracy Emin is involved). The Homerton Artist Group will only be there Saturday, August 1st, so please come visit us at our tent. There will be everything offered from cupcakes and fortune-telling to tattoos!

This tee and tote business is dependent on reception and demand. If I get positive feedback I might consider setting up an online shop. If you are interested in ordering a shirt, please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you with further details.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


The Royal Academy of the Arts is featuring amazing prints by the master printmaker Utagawa Kuniyoshi until June 7th, 2009. Many of the works belonged to Arthur R. Miller's collection (not the brilliant playwright, unfortunately) which have recently been donated to the British Museum. I haven't seen a show this beautiful in a loooong time. There is nothing more mesmerizing and heartpounding than witnessing works of such high skill and callibre. I love Kuniyoshi's sensitivity to line and his crazy awesome imagination and interpretations of stories, poems, and theatre. I urge everyone in London to see this show!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Homerton Artists Group Premiere Exhibition!

Again, if anyone is in London on Thursday or this weekend, be sure to drop by 144 Daubeney Road to check out our first group show as the Homerton Artists Group. Here's a little sample culled from a bunch of drawings I have been producing in preparation for the show.


I like sending letters and I like receiving letters. Here are a few select envelopes I've sent off lately.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

These Eyes

I like how my day job allows me catch up on drawing.

Crazy rock 'n' roll eagle came out of listening to Neil Young's Danger Bird. I think Zuma is, just perhaps, my favourite Neil Young and Crazy Horse album.

The one with the muppet-like kids is called, BFF4EVA, a dedication to all my pals.

I think I will call the blustery landscape, Eyes of the Storm.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Homerton Artist Group

I finished designing a flyer last week for the Homerton Artist Group's premiere show. The central theme is home and I couldn't help inserting a home town reference by drawing a little Van-Spesh for the top corner there. Sadie Edginton, one of two hardworking ladies organizing the group meetings and exhibit, has kindly offered her house as the exhibition space. Drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture will be featured. If you're in London, please swing by!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Down By the River...

More canal drawings.

This first one is inspired by one of my favourite works, The Large Turf by Dürer.

Annette Messager

I don't know how Annette Messager dodged my radar for so long, but her work is amazing. She is one of those artists who is a true interdisciplinary genius. Her retrospective is featured at the Hayward Gallery on the Southbank until May 25th, and I urge anyone who is visiting London to see it. It's a real treat. Work exhibited includes hundreds of drawings, sculpture, and lots of really humorous kinetic installations. Keep your eye out on the brown sac of a bear being dragged around in circles. Made me laugh.

Here's a link to the Guardian where there are nice images of the show and an interview with the artist.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Tate Modern is my Umbrella and Sick Bed

I got caught in the rain with no jacket or umbrella when I was walking down the South bank towards the Hayward Gallery. I had my heart set on seeing the Annette Messager exhibit, but I decided to seek shelter at the Tate Modern instead since it was closer.

I was curious to see if any major changes had been made in the museum's collection display, which is free for the public to view. There were a lot of the old stand-bys that I remember from three years ago but there were a few new additions too. I was feeling a little queasy that day and just wanted a dim, relaxing environment to be in and was hoping to sit in the Rothko room to recover a bit. I was, however, sad to see the Rothkos were replaced by Viennese Actionism. Lots of work investigating viscera, bodily fluids, and aggression. Just wasn't the day for it. There was also a room projecting a bunch of Paul McCarthy's performance pieces. I usually like the ludicrous and grotesque nature of his work, but I could only endure so much with my bellyache. I'm sure if I stayed any longer I would have conceived an impromptu, performance of my own. It would have been called, "Involuntary Discharge".

There were some great additions to the contemporary painting area though! There was a beautiful piece by Ellen Gallagher that was so complexly layered with paper and paint. The generosity of material and the attention to technicality made me really excited. I felt that it reinstated the significance of aesthetic pleasure and tactility in art. It made me want to go home and make stuff. Additional paintings that I enjoyed were pieces by Raqib Shaw, Chris Offili, and Michael Raedecker.

To quell my illness I sat down and began to draw. My Dad's theory to curing ailments, when I was growing up, was a combination of art-making, Coca-Cola, and tylenol. Sick days from school were spent on Dad's prescription in front of the tv. So, I drew some people waiting by the museum entrance, a couple watching a film on Max Ernst, and even Louise Bourgeois' Maman! And sure enough it worked!

Canal Adventures

I just recently got a bike and the weather (up until today) has been pretty lush and Springy, so I thought it was prime opportunity to get to know London better. There are some great canal routes around East London that windup and down from Walthamstow Marshes to Limehouse Wharf.

This is a really pleasant cruise and great reminder of the actual green spaces that do exist this manic metropolis. Further Northeast you go, the more pastoral it becomes. There are wooded areas, stables, and football fields. Now all I got to do is get myself a set of watercolours so I can break out some plein-air action.

Forget about London and art, I'm baking!

So, I've spent the last month settling down in my swinging London pad. Been dragging things off the street to furnish my burrow and finding little time for my ol' sketch book. Don't get me wrong though, I have still been busy creating little things here and there. This cake for instance!

This cake was made in celebration of my pal Sade's big 2-4 and for the birth of the 5 kittens in the house. It's a vegan, lemon, coconut cake with a fresh strawberry filling. I surrounded Mama cat with 24 kitty-faced, jaffa cakes. I wanted to sculpt the cake a bit more but alas I'm no cake engineer and the head kept on slumping and the cake kept on falling apart. I have to give mad props to Cupcake Queen, Lyndsay "Coco Cake" Sung for the cakey inspiration.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Idée Fixe no. 3

The Mamas and the Papas.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Very Warm Medieval Action in Toledo

It was a sunny, warm day. 16 degrees celsius in February. A good day for visiting the medieval fortress of Toledo. The city's old town is perched upon a hill, overlooking the Tagus River. The streets are narrow and winding and a little confusing. El Greco was known for living in this place. His casa/ museo was being renovated though. However, the Museo del Santa Cruz, which used to be a hospital, allows the public to see El Grecos (and Goyas) for free.

I sat at the edge of a cliff and rolled up my sleeves. It was the perfect conditions for drawing aging brick structures and the calloused rock faces that drop into the green river.